What our past customers say about us…

“I can’t tell you how happy. Barbie and Carrie are great puppies. They are a fabulous dog and we love them very much. We are getting to adapt to their new home and they are proving to be a very smart girl and boy. They certainly have their own personality, but they are real members of the family and love to sit with us in the evenings watching TV. .” ~Grace~
Just wanted to say hello and update you on our little girl, who has been UNBELIEVABLY well-behaved, incredibly smart and all-around wonderful. Zelda seems to have taken to wee-wee-pad training very quickly, and has an array of 12-15 toys that we put into rotation so she’s always got something to chew on (besides our socks). She rarely barks, and is totally quiet at night when we’re sleeping, which is amazing. We love her and are so grateful that we found her through you – so thank you! ~ Leslie ~
~ Leslie ~
I just wanted to let you know that Neutyn is doing very well. He is as mischievous as ever. He is biting and attacking my feet as I write. He has been home for almost three weeks now. After the loss of our Yorkie, Justice, Neutyn has filled the air with a personality and flare that only a bulldog can. I know that he will never replace Justice, but he is also irreplaceable. We are in the process of spoiling him rotten. He often shares my pillows on the bed at night. I hate to tell him that he will get to big and they are my pillows and not his. He thinks that he is the king when he can get up on the bed all by himself (good thing he has a ramp). Thank you both so much for everything that you have done to bring us together with Neutyn. We love him dearly.
…..He is just so affectionate. I would be so happy to refer anyone to you who wants to have a Yorkie. You breed wonderful dogs and I’ve had nothing but overwhelmingly positive experiences with my puppy…..Being greeted every single day by such a beautiful happy little puppy is such a wonderful feeling. I’m so blessed and I’m grateful every single day, thanks to you….I have nothing but positive feedback about your line of dogs. Out of everyone I know, I can confidently say that I have the most well-behaved dog and I’m so grateful to you and your family ~ Isabelle ~
~ Isabelle ~
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